Red Kite over motorway,etching by artist Tim Major

Wildlife Artists that paint Birds

Country artist, Limited edition Kingfisher tittle Reflections
Country Artist and Bowbrook figurines
glass carving by Matts Jonnson
Matta Jonnson engraved glass
pheasant pewter pin
Pewter Pin Jewellery
Common Gull in flight photographed in Kent

Birds to be seen in Kent

Kent map
Visit Kent for Days out or an Excurision
Openning of the bird gallery, Birds Birds Birds in 2001
The History of Birds Birds Birds
Painting of Godmersham Park, with Pheasants interduced into the ecosystem for sport
What is an Ecosystem
Female Chaffinch showing what a bird is

What is a Bird

Birds Birds Birds

was set up for Bird Paintings, Bird prints and Bird figurines, from wildlife artists working in different mediums, but since we have shut the brick and mortar gallery, this site will cover
Bird art, with original bird paintings from various artists that paint bird pictures, some of these artworks will have already been sold others will still be on the market for sale, we can arrange purchase, so please contact us to buy any of the wildlife paintings or artwork and we can advise on availability and prices or we can negotiate a commission for you from the artist or you can contact them yourself.
Paul’s photography, is available for license, you may wish to enquire what other images he holds that you may wish to acquire, and Paul would be pleased to cover wildlife photo assignments by arrangement
And finally general items of hopefully interest to those that enjoy the pleasure that birds can give you, through being out in the natural environment enjoying the various ecosystems we have around Britain, so weather your interest is bird watching, breeding (aviary culture) I hope to incorporate a page for each bird species over time along with items of interest to the Sportman came hunter with either a camera or gun.
It would be nice to think over time, each of these three groups, all with an interest in the long term survival of Birds albeit for different goals, will be able to work together for the benefit of birds and wildlife in general, so enhancing our ecosystems and biodiversity.

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